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Inner Beauty

Last night's full moon was one of the brightest we've ever seen!

Full moons are a time where certain themes in our lives become more prevalent. The previous weeks that have been building up, more considerably the 3-4 nights leading up, reach a peak or release point when a full moon comes around. It inspired me to write about inner beauty. Here are some thoughts, take what you like...

    • You are what you eat, drink, share & think about.
    • Your thoughts are powerful, only share love and positivity.
    • Control what is controllable by you.
    • We are connected in more ways than we can see.
    • We need a PLASTIC FREE world! 

Sunshine, beach days, friends, and love give me the courage to show my inner beauty. Thank you for the positive vibes and I hope you enjoy the sol & full moon blessings!

Sustainably yours, Kaila

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