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Hello Super Moon Full Moon in Taurus!

Here at Coco Bee Naturals we like to celebrate all things mind, body, soul...or in this case, MOON, body, soul! So this weekend we celebrate and say happy Full Moon Super Moon in Taurus!

On Monday, November 14th around 5am PST, we will witness the biggest Super Moon (when the moon is closest to the Earth) in almost 70 years! Also, make sure to catch this one because it won’t be this close to us until 2034!

Not only will this Moon be big, bright and beautiful, but it will be full of ALL the feelings! Instead of letting your emotions take over, let us use this energy to release and realign with everything we want and don’t want in our life anymore. 

For those who don’t know, the Full Moon is when the Moon opposes the Sun in the Zodiac and asks us to find a way to balance between the two signs. Since the Sun is in Scorpio, the Moon is in its opposite sign, Taurus. In Scorpio, being a water sign, there are a lot of emotions. And in Taurus, an Earth sign, it can very grounding. Might seem a little all over the place right? Well how do you make the best of this Full Moon then? 

First, FEEL (Scorpio). Second, GROUND (Taurus). Be raw and honest with your feelings but then review them and find a way to get through, past or over them with a plan. Harness this transformative energy into actually doing something good in your own world or the world around you. 

So take a moment this evening and into tomorrow to get clear with what you want and purge what you don’t. 
And have a Happy Sunday!


{image via @mindbodysoul}

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