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Siestas in Cabo

Woohoo summer is here! Took the month to travel a bit and really test out Coco Bee to the max. We most recently traveled to the East Cape of Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. A typical day here starts with a surf at shipwrecks or 9 palms, a Mexican style breakfast, some light reading, an early afternoon siesta, and then a tequila drink (or two) to wind down the day. Baby rattlers, coyotes, burros, and manta rays were our fellow comrades throughout our trip. But even in this beach paradise I was amazed at the dryness of the desert climate.

In the morning I would lather TINTED 30 Coco Bee on my face, lips, body, and hair before our surf. Afterwards I would shower off and put 4-in-1 moisturizer on while I lounged under a cabana to help hydrate my skin after the salt water and sunlight took away some of its elasticity. Midday when we went on our drives around the East Cape I would be sure to use HIGH 30 on my hands and arms. Something I’ve noticed throughout the years is that the left side of my body has more freckles than the right. Because even while driving around the sunlight manages to comes through the car windows and affect your skin. We had an amazing time venturing around Mexico. There is never a shortage of adventures.

We came back slightly sun kissed, full of street tacos, with no sunburns, and our skin feeling hydrated and clear. I choose Coco Bee because 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. I want nothing to do with chemicals that can cause cancer or disrupt the natural hormones in my body. Less is more in my mind; and as a scientist the only way to know that 3-quality ingredients work on my skin and hair is to test it. What better way to do it than with a trip down to Cabo, Mexico?

Sustainably yours, Kaila

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