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Tribe Vibes

I took a weekend away from society to get some quality time with my girl tribe. A weekend in the woods was what I needed . No service. No distractions. No responsibilities. Just good company and good food. You realize the quality of the company you have when you’re in the middle of the woods and all you feel like doing is being present.

Saturday morning we went on a 2-mile tube float down the river and it was hot! The sun and humidity were in full force this weekend. Before the float I was sure to put on my Coco Bee High SPF 30 sunscreen because you’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to a day in the sun. I shared with my girlfriends and they couldn't stop commenting on how amazing Coco Bee smells! I even put a little at the ends of my hair, because a little protection can go a long way. Heat, without protection, can damage your hair just like it can damage your skin. Causing split ends, frizziness, and discoloration.

At night it's tradition to have a bonfire by the river. Before I went down I made sure to put Coco Bee Moisturizer on my lips, nose, and cheeks. Even a late night bonfire can drain your skin and body of nutrients and natural oils so I made sure to lather up beforehand. Did you know Coco Bee moisturizer is also a natural Bug Repellant!

Sitting next to the river and watching the stars with your closest friends can really ground you to what’s important in life. Everything in the world seemed non existent and time seemed much more welcoming. As I was sitting there next to my best friends, I felt happy, loved and at peace. Looking around and knowing that the people huddled in that small circle gives you a true sense of belonging and my family of choice. I call those beauties my tribe sisters because they support the good, the bad and the indifferent every step of my journey.


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