Coco Bee Organics or ‘Coco Bee’ is an all natural and organic ‘food for your skin’ company out of Hanalei, Hawaii. Our founder, Kaila Elly, was previously involved in research and development as a food scientist for international food companies. When Kaila wasn’t able to find skincare products that were food based, without harmful chemicals, synthetic ingredients and plastic-free she decided to begin making her own.

Coco Bee sources the finest food based ingredients with the intent to nourish, protect and moisturize the skin. There are no preservatives, stabilizers, or fragrances and we make our Coco Bee in small batches to ensure quality. We manufacture our products in Southern California and use plastic free recyclable packaging for every order shipped because sustainability is core to our business at every level. Our mission is to inspire the future with simple goodness rooted from the earth.

‘Coco Bee’ is a Reef Safe Brand!

Use only 100% RECYCLABLE & COMPOSTABLE packaging because we know 6.4 million tons of plastic is dumped into our ocean every year.

Chemicals are linked to the damaging coral DNA and causing coral viruses, for this reason we do not promote the use of the following chemicals:

SAY NO to these chemicals!

  • 4MBC